Why I Needed a Humidifier

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For those out there that suffer from asthma, like I do, being able to trust in your humidifier is of absolute importance. I suffer from bad asthma and I literally cannot afford to be exposed to unhealthy air. I have heard about the benefits of having a humidifier for a long time, but it has been only the most recent years that I have really put some time and effort into getting the information on how to work and what to expect from them.


There are many people out there that are unsure of how humidifiers actually work. It might be easy to overlook the fact that humidifiers do a lot while we are sleeping to cleanse the air and keep damaging agents out of our nasal passages. Here are some of the reasons humidifiers are needed.


Helping Prevent Illnesses


Increased humidity helps the tiny nose hairs to filter out bacteria and the viruses that prevent the flu and cold. Research studies have shown that humidity increases can help reduce the likelihood of airborne viruses causing flu infections. Most viruses are transmitted through coughs and increased humidity can reduce infection rates by as much as 15%. It is especially beneficial in reducing the occurrence of the influenza virus, which is one of the most common and deadliest infections across several groups.


Helping Treat Illnesses


Certain types of cold and flu can be soothed with the moistened air provided by a humidifier as it decreases throat irritation, as well as irritation in the bronchial tubes and nasal passages. You will breathe, and thus sleep, easier with the proper humidifier.


Healing Faster


You can speed up the healing process with the aid of a humidifier to treat sinus infection, allergies, flu, asthma, and more.


Protecting Wood Furnishing


Protect your wood pieces, moldings, doors, and floorwork with a humidifier. If the room has insufficient humidity, the wood is susceptible to cracking and splitting. With the assistance of a humidifier, you can protect the wood’s integrity for several years and maybe even generations.


Preserving Vocal Cords


Humidifiers are great at lubricating your pipes and enabling you to speak and protect your singing voice. Sleeping with a humidifier on during the night can keep room air moist and have your voice in the perfect pitch as soon as you rise.


Moisturizing Skin


Dry air takes moisture away from the skin and can lead to accelerated aging, dullness, flaking, and dry patches. Your lips and hands are also more dry during the winter season and a humidifier can prevent the damaging effects of dry skin by keeping it moist and soft.


Easing the Effects of Asthma


Studies indicate that children and adults that have asthma can utilize humidifiers to ease conditions caused by respiratory infection. Check with your doctor to make sure if a humidifier is right for you.


Creating Warmth

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You can expect a humidifier to not only keep your skin from experiencing dryness during the colder winter months, but you can also count on a model to keep your house warmer and far more comfortable. The more moisturized a room is, the warmer it will feel.