Why I Needed a Humidifier

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For those out there that suffer from asthma, like I do, being able to trust in your humidifier is of absolute importance. I suffer from bad asthma and I literally cannot afford to be exposed to unhealthy air. I have heard about the benefits of having a humidifier for a long time, but it has been only the most recent years that I have really put some time and effort into getting the information on how to work and what to expect from them.


There are many people out there that are unsure of how humidifiers actually work. It might be easy to overlook the fact that humidifiers do a lot while we are sleeping to cleanse the air and keep damaging agents out of our nasal passages. Here are some of the reasons humidifiers are needed.


Helping Prevent Illnesses


Increased humidity helps the tiny nose hairs to filter out bacteria and the viruses that prevent the flu and cold. Research studies have shown that humidity increases can help reduce the likelihood of airborne viruses causing flu infections. Most viruses are transmitted through coughs and increased humidity can reduce infection rates by as much as 15%. It is especially beneficial in reducing the occurrence of the influenza virus, which is one of the most common and deadliest infections across several groups.


Helping Treat Illnesses


Certain types of cold and flu can be soothed with the moistened air provided by a humidifier as it decreases throat irritation, as well as irritation in the bronchial tubes and nasal passages. You will breathe, and thus sleep, easier with the proper humidifier.


Healing Faster


You can speed up the healing process with the aid of a humidifier to treat sinus infection, allergies, flu, asthma, and more.


Protecting Wood Furnishing


Protect your wood pieces, moldings, doors, and floorwork with a humidifier. If the room has insufficient humidity, the wood is susceptible to cracking and splitting. With the assistance of a humidifier, you can protect the wood’s integrity for several years and maybe even generations.


Preserving Vocal Cords


Humidifiers are great at lubricating your pipes and enabling you to speak and protect your singing voice. Sleeping with a humidifier on during the night can keep room air moist and have your voice in the perfect pitch as soon as you rise.


Moisturizing Skin


Dry air takes moisture away from the skin and can lead to accelerated aging, dullness, flaking, and dry patches. Your lips and hands are also more dry during the winter season and a humidifier can prevent the damaging effects of dry skin by keeping it moist and soft.


Easing the Effects of Asthma


Studies indicate that children and adults that have asthma can utilize humidifiers to ease conditions caused by respiratory infection. Check with your doctor to make sure if a humidifier is right for you.


Creating Warmth

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You can expect a humidifier to not only keep your skin from experiencing dryness during the colder winter months, but you can also count on a model to keep your house warmer and far more comfortable. The more moisturized a room is, the warmer it will feel.

Needing Some Moisture

Being able to breathe clean air is something most of us take for granted, but it is not something I can do any longer. I have been struggling to keep my breathing passages moist and now it has come down to me researching the best humidifiers on the market these days that can make my home a much more comfortable place for me to breathe with ease. Now that I have finally decided to make the investment, I have begun researching the best humidifiers that fit my budget can be used in my home. I have asked around and quite a few of my friends directed me towards the best sites to begin my search.


There have been so many people telling me that you need this during winter, and I am inclined to believe them now as my breathing problems have elevated over the years. Studies have even shown that households that have humidifiers in their home are less likely to suffer from respiratory ailments. I checked out the website toohumid.com and it was quite helpful in breaking down the best whole house humidifiers.


During the winter months, the sales of humidifiers tend to skyrocket as people prepare for colder temperatures and the potential for moisture issues. Most people prefer a humidity level at between 40% and 60%. For those that suffer from congestion, a rate that is closer to 70-80% is more ideal for relief. If left unchecked, the humidity levels during the winter months can drop substantially to as low as 10%.


Built-in humidistats are found on the latest models of humidifiers and these models can be used to set the humidity level you want in the room. Humidifiers are specifically designed to place moisture back into a dry room and fall into two categories, warm mist and cool mist. Either category is effective, with arguments for each viable. The following are some of the best models I have seen that can provide all of the features that I demand within the budget I have set aside.


Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135 Humidifier

Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135

The majority of the more affordable humidifiers can create a cool or warm mist, varying between techniques to increase humidity in the air. This model is a bit more expensive, so users have the option between warm and cool mist. The BONECO uses vibrations set at high frequency to convert water to mist that is then sprayed throughout the room. This machine is powerful enough to cover a room that is 650 square feet, with the mist coming out at a warm 104 degrees Fahrenheit.


With a full tank, the machine is capable of running the entire day without a refill, with the spout rotating a full 360 degrees to it can be pointed in any direction. Other great features include humidification selector that can be set at between 40-75% and comes with presets, a temperature gauge, a ‘sleep’ function, and an updated, modern look.


Levoit Humidifier Mist Vaporizer

Levoit Mist Vaporizer

For those that don’t have a huge amount of money in their budget, this Levoit model remarkably features both cool or warm mist and at about half the price of many of the more top-rated models. The Levoit covers about 280 square meters, and you will have to use distilled or filtered water as it does not come with a filter. It is also equipped with an automatic mode that detects surrounding conditions and then adjusts the humidity levels accordingly, the power to change humidity levels from between 40% and 80%. It is so quiet that you won’t even know it is in the room, and that makes it ideal to place in a baby’s room.


The heat settings come in low/high, there are three fan settings, a remote control, and even an aromatherapy feature to use the scented essential oils of your choice with the aroma box that has been built in. You will never have to worry about leaking with this model, and the tank is big enough at 1.6 liters to hold enough water to last up to 24 hours, and the modern look is an added bonus.


Honeywell UV Evaporation Humidifier

Honeywell UV Evaporation Cool Mist

This is another affordable evaporation unit that works great in small to mid-sized rooms. The brand claims it can cover rooms as large as 700 square meters, but there have been some reports this is a bit of an overestimate. This machine automatically adjusts temperatures in the room and thereby contains the amount of moisture. For the price, it more than suffices, and most people that I know that bought it were happy with the output and service.

Our Ever-Changing Lives

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Sometimes, I cannot imagine how rapidly technology has changed over the years. What is even more mind-boggling is that modern technology has gone through so many transformations that it will be awesome to see where it is fifty years from now. Hopefully, the things that impact our lives in the future will be a blessing on the advancement of society at large.


Just sit back and think on how technology has made our life easier over the course of even the last twenty years. It really is astonishing. Breathing easier is something made better with advanced technology and the inventions have only helped improve our lives every moment of the day. The new reality is that robots are the ones that will be running the world in a few days. Technology these days can even go inside our bodies and directly heal us whether it is our emotions or our blood. Artificial intelligence helps us create the latest methods to operate, conduct, and manage a business.


This development of the latest in technology has changed our lives considerably, both for the advantages and disadvantages. Naturally, these inventions pique curiosity, problem-solving techniques, and creativity. Since humans are naturally more inclined to improve themselves daily, technology has allowed us to educate ourselves in new and exciting ways. In the current era, we are able to gather information, disseminate it, and this is all possible within our fingertips.


The best schools today for technology can be found online as anyone can earn a degree online using computers and the internet. Depending on what you are looking for, there are many types of courses available online and include different types of content. This is the positive change that has dramatically transformed education.


Technology has changed how we communicate, be it through the computer and social media, mobile and smartphones, video conferencing and apps that can be used by people anywhere worldwide. This is the type of technology that was not available in the past and it has become easy, fast, and quick to communicate. Before, it took ten days or more to send something as simple as a money order, greeting card, or personal letter. Today, you can transfer money from your smartphone and you can instantly email a friend or loved one, with video option services even available.


There are new additions that come with this new technology, of course, and we as humans are still finding new ways of learning how to cope with and deal with problems. It is hard sometimes as parents do not always have the solutions and the fact is that children and teenagers are always on the internet. And while this can inspire creativity and be a change for good brain development, there should also be some regulations placed to give your children a better overall experience. With 20 years of having the Internet around, we all know that is it not going anywhere and there is so much information available that you could not possibly hope to find it all.

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The way we live now seems to be infested with a selfie craze and it is inescapable. Shopping online and price comparison means we are able to get what we want more succinctly. The fact is that we are busier today than we ever have been in the modern era because thirty years ago, there was far more time for family and friends. They lived and enjoyed their lives at a more leisurely pace. But they are also emotional, care more for nature and also humanity.